The first 15-20 minutes of the class will be the warm-up consisting of jogging/skipping mixed with dynamic stretches, basic coordination drills, footwork drills, a short burst of anaerobic work to get your heart rate up and prime your muscles, and static stretches.


The next 30-40 minutes of the class will be a mix of shadow boxing work, pad work, bag work, or partnered drills with an emphasis on technique. 


The last 15-25 minutes of the class will be a mix of live partners work and sparring where you’ll get to work on the day’s techniques in a realistic but controlled environment. Don’t worry if you’re not comfortable doing any live work or sparring, it is not compulsory and you will be given more drills to work on during this part of the class.

What to expect

The general perception of boxing is that it’s primary focus is on the hands. However, it is really the other parts of the body that are heavily utilized to make up a good boxer - footwork, hip rotation, and head movement. To be a proficient boxer also means having a strong core to be able to transfer power effectively from the legs through the torso to the arms and ultimately the hands. That said, boxing is truly a full body workout. You’ll learn to move your body in ways that you’ve never moved before, you’ll work muscle groups that you’ve worked before, and you’ll learn to coordinate your body in ways you’ve never done before.


Aside from being a good workout, boxing is an effective art for self defense. Watch this video to see how. Why not learn something that’s useful and practical while getting a good workout in?

Why train Boxing?

Boxing is a combat sport that has been practiced from as early as 3000 BC and has been an Olympic sport since 668 BC. Taking on the literal meaning of hand-to-hand combat, it is a sport where two people step in a ring for a predetermined amount of time and throw punches at each other until either fighter is deemed to be unable to continue by a referee or gives up. Should the fight carries on until the predetermined time is up, a set of judges will score the fight to determine the victor. 


Over the centuries, rules and regulations have been introduced to make the sport as safe as possible; such as the introduction of gloves, protective handwraps, weight classes, referees, time limits, and sanctioning bodies.

What is Boxing?
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