What is YOGA?

The word 'Yoga' comes from the ancient language of Sanskrit and is often interpreted to mean union, and is said to be the union of the body, mind, and spirit. There are traditionally 8 'limbs' of yoga, with the most commonly practiced being Pranayama (breathing exercises), meditation and asanas, the physical practice of yoga.


Asana is what most of us have come to know simply as yoga, the physical poses. As opposed to thinking of yoga as just stretching, yoga is really about creating balance in the body through developing both strength and flexibility. This is done through the performance of postures or poses, each of which has specific physical benefits.

Why train yoga?

Practising any of the limbs of yoga is good for your health in innumerable ways. Many of them are connected to yoga's proven ability to reduce stress which can have a knock-on effect to many different ailments.


The practice can aid you in finding a connection with your mind and breath and taking positive time out from your day to day routine and is a perfect complementary activity to any other exercise and workout.

What to expect

Based on the traditions Hatha yoga, each session will start with grounding, and move fluidly through the active asanas (postures) of the class, focussing on moving with lightness and a softness to the breath whilst still working the body. Each class will end with a juicy Shavasana leaving you feeling rejuvenated and relaxed.

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