Julio Cesar Pereira, also known as “Mestre Julio” (translated to Master Julio) was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on the 22nd of December 1964. Julio Cesar started training Jiu Jitsu under Monir Salomão’s tutelage in 1974, and continued training under the Oswaldo Fadda black belt until he received his black belt himself.


Master Julio Cesar also reached the rank of black belt in Judo and trained extensively in Luta Livre (a form of Brazilian Submission Wrestling).


The Gama Filho academy was founded by Pedro Gama Filho and Paulo Jardim who coached at the famous University campus for a short while before handing the job in the capable hands of Master Júlio César, Marcus Bello and Alexandre Baraúna, this trio took the project from there on and turned the Gama Filho academy into one of the strongest in the state of Rio de Janeiro while Pedro Gama Filho and Jardim stayed behind the team giving financial support. After the passing of Pedro Gama Filho, the team’s position was weakened and when in 2007 some of Julio Cesar’s competitors transitioned to Mixed Martial Arts the University requested for the name change and to break the longtime bound between the team and the Uni. This was Grappling Fight Team was created under the same roster as before.


The break with Gama Filho coincided with a the flourishing of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu which catapulted the team to world wide recognition, becoming one of the most prestigious BJJ academies out there with affiliates all over Brazil and the US.

Mestre julio pereira 
gft team founder
prof pedro falbo 
gft malaysia Head Instructor

Professor Pedro Falbo is a 3rd degree black belt under master Júlio. A native from the birth place of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Rio De Janerio, professor Pedro has been training BJJ since 1991.

Profeessor Pedro moved to Malaysia and has now overseen and headed up the GFT Team in Malaysia since 2011.


  • FJJRIO 2009 Champion 

  • FJJRIO 2010 Champion

  • CBJJ Brasileiro National silver

  • IBJJF Pan American 2012 bronze

  • IBJJF Las Vegas 2012 Champion and bronze in absolute

  • American cup 2012 Champion

  • NAGA Boston 2013 Champion

Head Instructor 

Professor Mike Tsengel Parry is a black belt with GFT under Professor Pedro Falbo. From an early age, Mike has had a keen interest in martial arts and combat sports. His first experience with traditional Mongolian wrestling opened his eyes to the world of martial arts and after dabbling with judo, wrestling and boxing, he committed his efforts to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. An active and licensed competitor, Mike's passion in the sport extends not just to the hobbyist practitioner but to the avid tournament aspirant. Mike also holds a diploma in Sports Science.


In 2014, Mike traveled to South East Asia and was captivated by the cultures and diversities. With already 5 years of teaching experience, he committed to expanding the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu community in South East Asia. After spending time in Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia, he is now the head instructor at AOS in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 

  • 2018: ADCC Pro Singapore Gold

  • 2018: Dumau Singapore Open Gold

  • ​2017: Copa de Malaysia Gold

  • 2017: Copa de Bangkok Gold

  • 2016: IBJJF Atlanta open Silver

  • 2016: One Grappling Challenge Gold 

  • 2014: British BJJ Open Silver

  • 2014: IBJJF London Open Silver

  • 2013: IBJJF Rome Open Bronze

  • 2012: IBJJF London Open Gold

  • 2011: IBJJF London Open Bronze

  • 2010: UK premier Challenge Silver

Instructor - Boxing

Keng Fai is a homegrown professional boxer from Malayisa with a professional record of 4 wins 0 losses and 1 draw. Fai has proven himself as one of the best welterweights in south-east Asia, being the UBO Asia-Pacific champion and IBO Oceania champion. Despite being only 23 years old Fai has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience from years of intense training, making him an excellent coach with a passion for sharing his love of the art. 

Being a true martial artist Keng Fai is also a blue belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu under Professor Pedro and former lightweight MIMMA champion with a record of 15-3.

Cheah Wen khyn
Instructor - BJJ Boxing

Khyn’s martial arts journey started at a young age with Taekwondo like most Malaysians. Along the way, he dabbled in other traditional martial arts such as Wushu and Wing Chun but it wasn’t much later till his early 20s when he discovered Muay Thai, Boxing, Jiujitsu, Wrestling and eventually MMA. It was then when he started competing as a means of testing his skills honed in the gym.


Khyn’s achievements include winning the Featherweight championship title in the fourth season of the Malaysian Invasion Mixed Martial Arts (MIMMA) tournament.


Khyn is a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under Mike Parry and is consistently training to improve his martial arts knowledge and skills.

Instructor - bjj

At a very young age, Chris had developed a passion for fitness and martial arts. His first experience in martial arts was in Karate where he trained for 5 years just shy of reaching his brown belt. Growing up in Australia, Chris was an accomplished sportsman, representing in various sports at high levels. Chris has been trained in functional strength programs, calisthenics and basic CPR & first aid.


In 2015, Chris found his new passion in martial arts with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and has not looked back since. Chris is a purple belt under Mike Parry.

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